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Self Help

Document Preparation


Assistance with Ownership

Transfers of Real Property

& Manufactured Homes



Self Help Assistance with document preparation for the following Ownership Transfer Deeds:

  • Warranty Deed
  • Bargain & Sale Deed
  • Quit Claim Deed
  • Transfer on Death Deed
  • Transfers in and out of a Trust

Assistance with document preparation and filing with the Oregon Building Codes Division (MHODS) for ownership changes involving Manufactured Homes:

  • Transfer of Ownership by Sale/Purchase
  • Changes due to Survivorship
  • Add or remove someone from title
  • Add or remove a security interest
  • Service includes filing with MHODS

Loan Signing Agent:

Specializing in purchase/sales, buyers, sellers, refinance, equity line & commercial transactions.

Mobile services available by appointment only

Accommodations available for out of area and out of state owners of properties in the State of Oregon. Servicing Klamath County and all of Oregon

Kat Maynard

Deed Specialist

About Me

With 15 years experience in the title and escrow industry, I can assist you with your deed preparation needs. We are located in Klamath County and serve all of Oregon. I provide Self-Help assistance with ownership deeds & document preparation for change of ownership on manufactured homes with the Oregon Building Codes Division. I provide a mobile service by appointment only. Services include self-help assistance with Warranty, Bargain and Sale, Quitclaim, & Transfer on Death deeds. I can also assist with ownership transfers in & out of your trust & deeds affiliated with a Small Estate Probate. I am not an attorney, I do not work for a law firm, and I cannot give legal advice. I provide a self-help service.

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